The exceptional woman research & development organization

Developing Sustainable Solutions

for underserved individuals
and communities nationwide






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The exceptional woman research & development organization

developing sustainable solutions

for underserved individuals and
communities nationwide

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The exceptional woman

Digital publication for women professionals

Vol 1

February 2024

At The Exceptional Woman Research & Development Organization, we are on a mission to empower and uplift women and children in underserved communities worldwide. We firmly believe that the positive development of women and children is not only a moral imperative but also a catalyst for the overall economic growth and progress of our global society.

positive change for women       
across the globe!

we are here to create something historical

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to pioneering innovative research and development initiatives that champion the rights and well-being of women and children in underserved communities. 


we recognize that women historically have carried a unique level of "pressures" 

what makes this different?

join us in our mission

  • finances
  • careers
  • balancing
  • health

The pressures of

  • family
  • society
  • relationships
  • nurturing
  • imagery
  • micro biases
  • glass ceilings
  • antiquated barriers
  • being too much
  • not being enough
  • too emotional
  • too cold

we are not nieve to the "controversies" 

As women of color, we see all of the efforts to "dismiss" these centuries old efforts to minimize the reality of our daily struggles. However, we also understand that we as human beings have the right to believe what we emotionally navigate towards. Our organization was designed to create POSITIVE changes by: 

our data-driven approach

presenting the facts

building sustainable solutions
doing the research

The goal of "Lights of Legacy" is to empower youth worldwide to thrive and fulfill their potential, leaving a lasting legacy of equality and prosperity. We are dedicated to achieving this mission by providing comprehensive training, certification, and knowledge development opportunities to opportunity youth within high revenue yielding industries. Through our program, we equip young individuals with the essential skills and confidence necessary to secure gainful employment, ultimately enabling them to become future leaders who positively impact their communities. We recognize that each youth we serve is the captain of their legacy.

our youth & community development program

lights of legacy